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About Nord Capital

Welcome to the website of FAMILY FISH brand!

FAMILY FISH is a brand owned by NORD CAPITAL company, which is one of the leading fish processing industries in Poland.

nord_capital_family_fish_logotypesNORD CAPITAL company was founded in 1996. In it’s primary activity our company specialized in the import and distribution of fish & seafood products. Since the beginning of our business our stretegic target was to become independent fish & seafood products producer. That is why in year 2007 we built our own production facility placed in Rekowo Górne (near city Puck, alongside to the Reda – Władysławowo road). Since then our company has been specializing in the production of frozen fish, breaded products, ready meals and seafood products.

family_fish_buildingDue to the company's growth in year 2010, we have expanded our production facility. We built our own coldstore building with 5000 europallets capacity and a new office space.

family_fish_building_coldstoreSince the beginning we are company based exclusively on Polish capital. We are strengthening our position on Polish, European and world fish processing markets. We successfully export our products to over 15 countries worldwide.family_fish_exportFAMILY FISH offer is based on over 200 products, that are available in almost all retail  & wholesale channels of distributions in Poland. With the increasing knowledge and needs of our customers we systematically continue to increase our products quality. NORD CAPITAL company position in the Polish and foreign markets is stronger every year. Our progress is possible thanks to the increasing value of the FAMILY FISH brand and best products quality!

From the year of 2008 the NORD CAPITAL company is certified with International Food Standard (IFS) certificate. In year 2010 company recived certificate of business credibility. Also from the year of 2011 some of our products own a MSC certificate.

IFS sigh copyCertyfikat Wiarygodności Biznesowej 2010msc

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