Ecology is the future

Family Fish is a brand owned by Nord Capital sp. z o.o. – one of the leading companies in the fish processing industry in Poland. For years, we have been focusing on development towards ecological products with the so-called “clean label”. We constantly enrich our offer with high quality products.

We provide our clients with products with a natural taste. The most important change in this respect was the transition to E-free batter – all breaded products with the Family Fish logo do not contain chemical food additives (including preservatives, flavour enhancers, colourings).

We strive for development towards MSC and ASC certificates. Years of experience in the fish processing industry have allowed us to see the essence of the protection of marine ecosystems and individual fish species – that is why in the near future we will enrich our offer with fish only from responsible farms (ASC), as well as from renewable and responsible fisheries (MSC).

Our eco labels

Eco Family Fish
Eco Family Fish
Eco Family Fish

We also care about the environment by implementing special packaging solutions. The collective packagings we use are one hundred percent made of waste paper, i.e. processed paper products. Recently, we replaced ordinary adhesive tapes with paper tapes. We also use plastic packagings made of PP (polypropylene) instead of LDPE (low density polyethylene). This polymer is physiologically neutral (it does not change the chemical composition of the product in the packaging) and is considered one of the safest plastics for the environment.

Constant development

We also plan to introduce BIO-certified products. The BIO certificate confirms compliance with the standards related to the production of organic food. For the benefit of our customers, we decided to take up the challenge to adjust the production process to produce organic food. Due to the fact that we have full control over the production process, we will be able to guarantee compliance with the provisions of the BIO certification by the range of organic products.

The wide range of products includes the following products:

The youngest customers are a particularly important group for us. Parents who care about their children’s development should provide them with the highest quality food. Our company is ready to meet the highest expectations of parents, grandparents, kindergartens and provide fish products that will positively affect the child’s development and the functioning of his or her body.
The success of our brand allows us to support the local community. We believe in the development of young talents and support this process through financial assistance to nearby schools. Spreading good is our priority!