European Maritime and Fisheries Fund



Investor: Nord Capital Limited Liability Company

Name of the operation: Development of new technological and production processes through the introduction of new products in the form of frozen fish and seafood products in tempura, improvement of health and safety conditions for employees of the packaging line and reduction of the negative impact of the plant on the environment through the installation of a heat recovery system from the refrigeration system.

Objective of the operation: Encouraging investment in the processing and marketing sector.

Planned operation results:

Saving energy or reducing environmental impact
Creation of new or improved products/processes
Improvement of occupational health and safety

Transaction value: PLN 7,619,438.44

Contribution of European funds: PLN 2,222,004.97


Project co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union

under the Operational Program “Fisheries and the Sea”